New York Times, "Strutting Around New York Design Week"

10 May MMXVI

Credit: Nina Westervelt for The New York Times

Design Week is on in full-force, and I just got mentioned in the New York Times. Apparently, they loved my sensible work shoes?!? If 16-year-old me, who lamented not having Ray Bans, could see me now… Of course, I’m super-thrilled to know that my fashion sense isn’t only acceptable in my own delusions—I’m usually one step away from being in the “How Not to Wear It” section, with my eyes covered by a black rectangle. Hooray for a great style day!

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Apex auction dinner

14 April MMXVI

Last night was the APEX charity gala, a non-profit dedicated to helping at-risk youth stay on the path to college by providing them with after-school tutoring and counseling. While our firm is very involved in charity work, this time we just attended and were seated between a gala honoree and scholarship student, who shared how APEX changed his life. Another beautiful evening in New York, but focused on giving back to others. Lucky me to be able to combine the two so often.

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On-site visit: Saudi Arabia

4 March MMXVI

Foreign assignments

We traveled to Saudi Arabia for an on-site visit with our clients in their home. While we’ve had projects in far-flung locales before, they’ve never been quite as far as this. Hawaii comes in as a close second.

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Client Surrenders!


Getting the best out of your designer isn’t simply about handing over a big check. You have to really be able to surrender—let go and trust that they are making decisions that will lead to a gorgeous end product, even if you don’t understand what is going on and are all-over-the-place anxious.

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I Scream, You Scream


Helloooooo!  There’s a nice little chunk of change that will end up funding creation of a new museum complex in Norway.  Like everyone, I think I’m fantasizing about what else I could have bought for $120,000,000.  Of course, issues of scarcity are probably a novel concept for the buyers.  Destination for this piece is still unknown but I’m sure this buyer is already sharing news of their trophy purchase already…

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