Maximizing Space With Built In Radiator Surrounds

Space is a premium asset, be it in a large house or studio apartment. Maximizing not only your horizontal but your vertical square footage as well is so important. It is really a matter of being creative.

One prime example is using the area around and above radiators. Done correctly this will not only put the area to good use but also beautify the space as well. Many times we will suggest built-in cabinetry to not only hide unsightly radiators but offer additional storage and shelf space as well.

Screenshot 2018-03-16 08.26.48_preview.png

There are a number of really wonderful radiator grilles offered today to match the style and feel of the space they are used in. The material used for the surrounds vary from different woods, whether painted or stained to metal. They will match the surroundings where they are used.

These radiator surrounds, be it a simple cover or a larger bookcase or desk, also offer safety for children and adults alike. They will separate you from the hot radiator surface. Beauty and safety together, all the while offering storage or workspace, or even an area for photos or books. Truly a more decorative bang for your buck.