Make Your Home Greener, Happier And Healthier

Using plants of different types throughout your home can make your space greener, and your mood brighter. You can even spice up your recipes with homegrown kitchen herbs and spices.


Even those with brown thumbs can find harmony with nature. So many plants are drought resistant, do well in shade -  simply said there are many plants that are hard to kill. With a little homework, everyone can find the perfect plant for their space. Ask your nursery specialist what is right for your space. Be sure and tell them what conditions you have in your home and they will guide you.

Anything and everything from orchids to fiddle-leaf fig (or ficus) trees can be used to brighten your home depending on space and light, according to Dan Moynihan. We asked Dan, formerly the floral designer for Ralph Lauren’s personal home the POLO and the Hermes flagship stores in New York, for some of his recommendations. Ficus, Australian tree ferns and pencil cactus happen to be his favorite larger pieces (pencil cactus can not be used around pets). They need a lot of light, and watering varies on the tree. As far as small plants go, for low light areas orchids are a perfect choice. They do not like direct light, and need very little watering. They are also, depending on where you buy them, affordable. Maidenhair ferns, soft, great texture, a very sweet plant and one of his favorites as well. They need a little more care. These are just a few offerings from Dan, we can revisit this in future posts if there are questions.


Bringing nature into your home can make you happier, and healthier as well. Your plants, and the containers they go in are design features as well. Large, small and medium pieces can be used throughout the home to brighten each and every space.

Jarret Yoshida