Bedroom Relaxation Essentials

We spend over a 1/3 of our lives in bed. With a few small tweaks, everyone can make their bedroom even more relaxing and conducive to get the sleep we all need more.

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The number one question I am asked by friends and family: what paint color should I use? You may not be able to afford a new sofa, but almost everyone can afford to buy some paint and transform their space.l

Choosing paint color can be one of the most anxiety-ridden decision we make.

In fact, however, for professional interior designers, this is the easiest decision to make.

Always look at the largest items in your home and coordinate a paint color with those items. For most people, that means you have to coordinate paint color with your sofa. For other people, it means you have to coordinate paint color with your flooring. In general, I like selecting paint color with floors, sofa, and curtain treatments.

NEVER EVER choose a paint color first. Paint is intended to complement your design scheme, not drive it.

When you do this color experiment, look at paints on a day when the light isn't too bright in the room, ideally by daylight unless you're never in the room in the day. If the light is too bright, it will wash out the color and make it artificially lighter than it really is.

Follow the above easy process and you'll avoid repainting your room and have a space you'll get compliments on in years to come!

Jarret Yoshida