We work to discover your essential lifestyle and interests in order to bring together a design for your dream home. We bring to this creative process a passion for everyday beauty that drives our curiosity in furnishings, objects, styles, and designs from around the world. We strive to make you as satisfied as possible. To reach our goals, we follow a four-phase design process.




Our first discussions are about you, your æsthetic style, and your lifestyle. Is it relaxed or rigorous? Is it filled with family demands? We develop an æsthetic direction that is practical and attractive for you. We outline concepts about what might be renovated, what can be retained, and what we should acquire. We also come to an agreement about budget and expectations to help you make this investment in your new home a great one.




We can begin to offer suggestions based on how we think you will want to live life in your new home. We will draw out review relevant plans. We also will create your own personalized catalogue filled with photographs of furnishings, finishes, art, and objects that will fall within your budget parameters. At our design meetings, we develop our ideas further and make selections to give our process momentum.




Based on your selections, we finalize your catalogue. You are given a custom professional spreadsheet that lets you monitor prices for all expenses. This tool enables you to track your budget and the work progress room by room.




Based in New York City, our firm gives you access to some of the best available products and construction services. With our budget and catalogue in hand, we can initiate orders for furnishings and select and engage contractors and craftsmen as necessary. We provide contract administration on renovations and installations and ensure that all items ordered are received and delivered as specified. Finally, we install your furniture and artwork and arrange objects and accessories for that finished look as you enjoy your new home and life there.




  • Interior design services to update and transform your home
  • Architecture and contractor referrals for building a new closet or renovating an entire house
  • Art-advising services with our firm or via connections to top art advisors for museums and established collectors
  • Moving homes across the city or the country