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Interior plants

As one of the top interior designers in New York, we understand how the use of effective botany can dramatically change a space. From the type of plant to the placement, these choices will make your space greener and help define the mood of the room. Whether it’s for an apartment or a brownstone, even simple homegrown kitchen herbs that you use to spice up your recipes can be strategically placed for a dual effect of kitchen usage and decoration.

The largest barrier when it comes to using botany is the upkeep, and not everyone is ready to take on the responsibility of raising plants. Luckily, there are many great alternatives that are drought resistant, do well in the shade, and are overall very low maintenance. With a little homework, everyone can find the perfect plant that balances desired upkeep and aesthetic. When in doubt, consulting nursery specialists can analyze the conditions of the space and they can guide you. Naturally, experts at Jarret Yoshida can also provide you with insight as one of the top interior designers in New York. 

According to Dan Moynihan, one of our many experts, and also the former floral designer for Ralph Lauren’s personal home and, New York Flagship Stores for Polo and Hermes, almost anything can be used to brighten your home –depending on space and light. Some of his recommendations for larger pieces include ficus, Australian Tree Ferns, and Pencil Cactus. There are some warnings that come which each plant, for example, the Pencil Cactus is not suitable for homes that have pets, and each tree will have different watering needs but are overall, very manageable. As for smaller greenery, for areas with less light, orchids are a perfect choice. Orchids thrive in in-direct sunlight, need very little water, and for the most part, are quite affordable. Dan also recommends Maidenhair Ferns because of their soft texture. Although these ferns do need a little more care, the end result will be worth it and truly brighten up a room. 

Bringing nature into your home can definitely ways that can make you a happier and healthier person. Your home is a space that you live and rest in, and when you live in a city like New York it’s easy to get lost. The presence of plants can help create that necessary barrier that separates your home life from the outside world both physically and emotionally. Large, small, and medium pieces can be used throughout the home to elevate each and every space. With just a little research and experimentation, designing spaces with plants like top New York interior designers in New York will be a simple task.

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