Brooklyn Showroom

Collaborating with the design store that seeks to captivate a diverse range of customers means the curation of a variety of furniture and decor in one setting. While this challenge can end up cluttered and unbalanced, the remarkable showroom has been assorted effortlessly and showcases how different pieces can work together and how they can be integrated into various environments.

At one end of the space, there lies a simple wooden shelf with a versatile range of decor pieces from minimalist to bold displayed to ensure that there is something for every taste and budget. The showroom is able to cohesively tie everything together. Notice how the color palettes are interconnected; the purple artwork on the wall resonates with the purple sofa pillow. Similarly, the orange book beside the coffee table finds its counterpart to the orange sofa. Whether one is looking for a statement piece or seeking inspiration, this Brooklyn showroom caters to all everyone to transform their living environment.

brooklyn showroom 2 scaled
brooklyn showroom 1 1 scaled
brooklyn showroom 3 scaled

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