Creating a Different Mood in Your Home Through Lighting

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Have you ever been to a room and it just felt nice? You can’t explain what it is about the room, but there’s a pleasant atmosphere. It’s the same thing with your home—you want to create spaces that the people you live with and yourself enjoy. Part of creating a good feeling in your house is through lighting, and it could pose a challenge. There is however, one simple and easy rule of three: achieve the right atmosphere with a mix and match of floor and table lamps, as well as ceiling pendants, chandeliers and lights.

Let’s start off with table lamps. Keep in mind that matching nightstands or tables require matching table lamps and shades. If you have different end tables of any kind, then the opposite rule applies: use light fixtures in contrasting materials. Consider contrasting ceramics and metal finishes, as well as tabletop and floor lamps throughout the room. Lampshades can be mixed as well.

Speaking of lampshades, if the budget allows I like to use custom paper and bring it to my lamp and shade store. With a custom shade for the lamp, this can truly make a mood for the room.

Ceiling lighting can transform spaces like living and dining rooms, as well as foyers and bedrooms as well. A foyer is a gateway to your home. Though space may be limited both in width and in height (entry and closet doors may limit the drop of a light), adding a light with drama and depth here can add a special sense of procession and entry as your guests enter your living space.

A stunning chandelier hanging over the dining room table, whether it be traditional, modern, mid-century modern, or whatever style fits your decorating needs, adds a wow factor. We have also used chandeliers in master bedrooms, and even smaller ones in kids’ bedrooms as well. We actually used one in my niece’s pink-painted bedroom, and it was the perfect fit!

Lastly, let’s not forget wall sconces. These come in a variety of styles and they’re certainly not your grandmother’s wall sconces anymore. They come in a wide variety of styles, from antique to modern. They can light your hallway or stairway or be used to accentuate your chandelier in the dining room.

Now, onto the next step, which are the correct bulbs for the correct mood and lighting. So many choices, but one very important rule to adhere is not exceed the wattage and type of bulb listed on your fixture. Softer lighting can be brought into the space with frosted bulbs. Chandeliers may call for candelabra bulbs, frosted or clear depending on the effect you like. CFL bulbs now offer many many options, without the harsh light they once gave. They now come in a variety of shapes, types, and wattages, all the while saving electricity and giving off a cooler temperature. They also need to be changed less frequently, this, and the electricity savings can make for some really good savings over time.

Lighting truly has so many options. Hoping this article offered more clarity than confusion, and that it “lit” the way to design options.

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Jarret Yoshida has worked in the New York interior design world for more than two decades. With a varied portfolio of projects including residential and commercial spaces, he draws inspiration from his Asian interior designer heritage to create stylish, welcoming, and sophisticated design solutions.

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