Five Ways to Brighten Up Your Room

Interior plants

Looking to brighten up your dark and dreary room? After working as an interior designer in New York for the past 20 years, I know that incorporating the right lighting and design elements can truly make a difference. Here are five ways to bring more light and life into your space:

  • Let there be light: When it comes to lighting, more is always better. A ceiling light, table lamp, or floor lamp behind plants can all contribute to creating a bright and welcoming atmosphere. Remember that lighting is not just about functionality, but also about creating a mood and enhancing the overall design of your space.
  • Reflect on it: Increasing reflection within your interior design is a key way to bring more light into the room. You can achieve this by sanding or replastering your ceiling for a perfect finish, and then adding a glossy paint. This will reflect the light and create a brighter, more dynamic atmosphere.
  • Shine on: Venetian plaster is a unique design element that can be used instead of flat eggshell paint on walls. When you apply it and then sand it down, the result is a shimmering surface that reflects light beautifully. Beeswax can also be applied to enhance the shine and create a stunning visual effect.
  • Brighten up the floor: Avoid dark flooring materials and opt for white oak, which reflects light and helps to brighten up any space. This is a simple yet effective way to enhance the overall design of your room.
  • Lighten up your furniture: Lighter colors on your furniture and upholstery can make a huge difference in creating a brighter space. Don’t be afraid to use white, and add texture and bold accessories to add interest and dimension.

My New York interior design projects have taught me that the choices you make in your design can have a big impact on the overall feel of your space. By incorporating these five tips, you can create a brighter and more welcoming atmosphere that truly reflects your personal style. So go ahead and experiment with new design ideas – you never know what you might discover!


About Jarret Yoshida

Jarret Yoshida has worked in the New York interior design world for more than two decades. With a varied portfolio of projects including residential and commercial spaces, he draws inspiration from his Asian interior designer heritage to create stylish, welcoming, and sophisticated design solutions.

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