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As a Japanese interior designer based in New York City, I know that making the most out of small spaces can be a challenge. After all, both Japan and NYC are famous for their tight living quarters! However, with the right perspective and design techniques, any space can feel open and inviting. Mirrors are one of my favorite underrated tools to use in interior design as they can create optical illusions that make rooms appear larger than they are, and using them can be an absolute game changer!

We’re going to geek out a bit here: one of the main reasons why mirrors work so well in interior design is because they reflect light. When light hits a mirror, the atoms in the glass absorb the photons and release them in all directions, effectively acting like a magnifying glass for light in a space. This is why mirrors can make a room feel brighter and more spacious. My recommendation is to place mirrors in your living room where the windows are larger to maximize the amount of light entering the space.

Another great way to use mirrors in interior design is to go one size up. Not only will a larger mirror make a space feel more spacious through reflection, but it can also create a dramatic focal point for the room. When choosing a mirror, consider the furniture and color scheme of the room. If the space has sharp angles and clean lines, an ornate mirror with personality and details can add character and charm. On the other hand, a round mirror can create a nice contrast between straight lines and draw the eye, making it a focal piece in your interior design. Keep in mind that a taller mirror is better than a wider one and ideally, the mirror should not be wider than the piece it is behind. This will give your design a sense of grandeur.

I often work with interior design clients in NYC who want to highlight stunning views from their apartments or penthouses. Mirrors can help reflect the view from one side of the room to the other and provide additional light into the space. To achieve this, mount a mirror perpendicular to the window or directly opposite it. Experiment with the positioning of the mirror to get the best possible reflection of the view.

In conclusion, mirrors are a versatile and powerful tool in interior design. Whether you want to make a small space feel more spacious or highlight a stunning view, mirrors can help achieve your design goals. With the right perspective and design techniques, any space can be transformed into a beautiful and functional oasis.

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Jarret Yoshida has worked in the New York interior design world for more than two decades. With a varied portfolio of projects including residential and commercial spaces, he draws inspiration from his Asian interior designer heritage to create stylish, welcoming, and sophisticated design solutions.

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