NYC Interior Design Trends

Interior design of an open floor plan layout of a NYC apartment with floor to ceiling windows

Exploring NYC interior design trends is like navigating a maze during rush hour – a bit challenging, a tad unpredictable, and occasionally involving a dash of frustration. In this bustling metropolis, trends shift swiftly, influenced by the eclectic mix of cultures and artistic expressions that define the city. It’s a continuous dance between tradition and innovation, where classic styles seamlessly intertwine with contemporary elements. As an interior designer in Brooklyn, my approach involves not only staying abreast of the latest trends but also anticipating the next wave of influences that will shape the preferences of my clients.

Embracing the minimalist trend in home design places you at the forefront of chic elegance. Picture a space that could effortlessly audition for a role in a Scandinavian furniture catalog – that’s the essence of minimalism. Stripping away excess and embracing simplicity, a minimalist home becomes a canvas where every element is purposeful and deliberate. It’s an art of curated simplicity, where the mantra “less is more”—a very Japanese design aesthetic way of thinking—transforms living spaces into serene, clutter-free sanctuaries that celebrate the beauty of essential elements.

Next on the stage is the bold and quirky trend. Because why settle for a neutral color palette when you can turn your home into a riot of colors? It’s like living inside a modern art museum, minus the velvet ropes and “Do Not Touch” signs. As someone with a flair for the dramatic, I appreciate the attempt to inject personality into spaces. Just be prepared for the occasional clash – both in colors and opinions.

Moving on to the vintage comeback – where the old becomes new, and suddenly my grandparents’ taste is considered trendy. It’s like a trip through time without leaving your living room. But a word of caution – too much vintage, and your guests might think they’ve stumbled into an antique store. But hey, if it worked for your grandma, why not give it a shot?

And lastly, we can’t forget the mix-and-match mania. Eclectic is the buzzword, my friends. It’s like throwing a party and inviting furniture from different eras, styles, and maybe even parallel universes. Coherence is so overrated – bring out the maximalist in you and throw all your favorite things about a room into one space!

Honestly, navigating NYC interior design trends is like catching a cab in the rain – a bit unpredictable, somewhat chaotic, but undeniably part of the city’s charm. So, embrace the trends, make some design faux pas, and remember that in the world of design, there’s no such thing as perfection – only an ever-evolving sense of style. Here’s to the lively and enchanting adventure that defines NYC interior design!


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Jarret Yoshida has worked in the New York interior design world for more than two decades. With a varied portfolio of projects including residential and commercial spaces, he draws inspiration from his Asian interior designer heritage to create stylish, welcoming, and sophisticated design solutions.

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