Small Space Interiors with Plants

Interior plants

Do you really miss the greenery in your small space interior? No worries, I got you covered. Using plants for interior decoration is a popular strategy for top New York interior designers like me who often work with clients in limited living quarters—but even small spaces can be transformed into something really special by simply adding greenery. When deciding on which indoor plant decorating idea to choose, there are a few things we need to consider when it comes to interiors with plants: the amount of care you can provide to maintain the plants, the color palette, and spatial constraints. These are important to think about since we’d want to keep the plants alive and pretty for a long time!

All plants have different needs and when choosing between light and dark, the general rule is that light-colored leaves require more light and darker-colored leaves require less light. This is due to the amount of chlorophyll A and B found in the leaves. So in other words, if the space has more natural light, it would be more beneficial to have light-colored plants for interior design and vice versa. That’s not to say that we can only have light-colored plants in spaces with more sun, but if we decide to go with darker plants we can make sure it has adequate shade to stay healthy.

House plants in interior design also come in a variety of sizes, and when cleverly placed, they can help accentuate parts of the interior to make a home more inviting and spacious. Simple recommendations would be to place small greens in hanging baskets/containers, have a few shelved plants, or give some color to the table with flowers. Smaller plants will be easy to move around and to change locations as needed. Larger plants can be used as focal points in your room to naturally bring the eye to the center of interest in the space. You can also highlight parts of the space with plants that are on the colorful side or have interesting textures.

There are many styles of designs when using plants that a Brownstone interior designer or Japanese interior designer might do differently but at the very heart of it, at Jarret Yoshida, Inc., we love to create mindful interior landscapes in our clients’ homes. That means creating designs that take into account not only the aesthetics and spatial concerns but the portability and maintenance of the plants is what makes our designs stand out. With all this in mind, building a green space in your home is not all that difficult. There are many simple solutions that can create a great flow and interior design with plants, and we, at Jarret Yoshida, Inc., are ready to help solve all your questions with you.

As an interior designer in New York, I’ve worked with many clients that don’t have a lot of square footage. There are a ton of tricks to decorate your small space interior with plants. Plants of all types and maintenance levels when strategically used are a great way to add some natural beauty to your living space.

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